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My Photo Rod Ward RGN, BSc, MA Ed, ILTM, MBCS
Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Health & Social Care,
University of the West of England,
Glenside Campus, Blackberry Hill
Contact Details How to get hold of me by phone, fax, email, ICQ etc.
Qualifications Details of the Professional and Academic Qualifications I have obtained.
Employment History Where & when I've worked as a Nurse and Nurse lecturer
Publications and conference presentations A wide range of publications and conference presentations, initially about Accident and Emergency Nursing and more recently about Nursing Informatics - with particular emphasis on nurses and the Internet. Some available in full text.
Software Literature Reviews Software and literature reviews I've written. Many have subsequently been published in various journals. Not included in publications and conference presentations above.
Membership of Professional bodies The various organisations and societies with which I have membership and/or committee positions.
Professional Development Activities Reports of Conferences, Study Days, meetings etc. I have attended - many with personal reviews of the event.
Current Post My current post at the University of the West of England and previous post at the University of Sheffield
Research Activities Interests My various research activities.
Web Sites An index of the web sites I run.

If you have comments or would like to find out more about the activities listed above please mail me.

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