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Since15th Sept 2003 I have been working as a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of the West of England. I am programme leader for the BSc (Hons) Emergency Care and teach on NP4, IP3 (totally online) and Critical Evaluation modules. I also link with various clinical areas at the Great Western Hospital Swindon, and provide dissertation supervision for nurses working there undertaking the BSc dissertation modules.

I am still exploring my role in relation to elearning within the faculty.

I am seconded 1 day a week to NMAP The UKs gateway to high quality Internet resources for Nurses, Midwives and Allied health Professions, as the project manager, based at the University of Nottingham

Previous Post 1987-2003

I was employed as lecturer in the Department of Acute & Critical Care, within the School Of Nursing & Midwifery at the University of Sheffield, England.

My main teaching commitment was to the Informatics theme for the Advanced Diploma Course, although I am also teaching some sessions for the management theme. I also teach IM&T to some of the post-reg courses. Most of this teaching has been at the Winter St site, although I am being asked to do this on other sites.

I have acted as co-theme leader for Informatics, with Cathy Morgan. We are attempting to co-ordinate delivery, as well as ensuring the content is up to date and integrated with other themes. We are working to the provision of this learning through the use of a "reader" with seminars each module (from Sept 1997 cohort). As a teacher for the Advanced Diploma in Nursing and other courses, I also have personal students and clinical link areas including the Accident and Emergency Department and Coronary Care Unit at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, in addition to marking and administrative responsibilities.

My main expertise is in the area of the Internet and Nursing and Nurse Education, I am using this with both students and staff within the school and wider University. I am also assisting the CTI Nursing & Midwifery and University of Manchester in the delivery of a series of National study days for Nursing & Midwifery teachers called "Demystifying the Internet". Which we are supporting with a Web site and Newsgroup to enable learning to continue after the study days.

I have also started to work with Chris Dowd on pilot demonstrations of distance learning materials which can be delivered via the Internet (Using Web CT at present). I have been able to bring to this work some technical expertise and experience, as well as contributing ideas about learning methods via this medium. Most of my knowledge in this area has been gained in the establishment and maintenance of my web site "Nursing & Health Care Resources on the Net" which closed in 2001 . I see this as an expanding area which will increase in significance and importance to the work of the school over the next few years.

In 1999 I led a bid for the creation of NMAP and have been project manager since.

In Jan 2003 I started a part time secondment as elearning coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine

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