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Author(s) Year Title Journal Volume & Pages
Ward, R. 1989 Cot death: separation after limited attachment Senior Nurse 9(2) 22-24
Ward, R. 1989 Post traumatic stress disorder and its effects Senior Nurse 9(9) 28-29
Ward, R 1990 Influencing attitudes among nurses taking higher education Senior Nurse 10(3) 24-27
Ward, R 1990 Meeting Points Nursing Times 86(22) 58-60
Ward, R 1991 The Modern Lepers Nursing Times 87(41) 56
Ward, R 1991 The Extended Role of the Nurse: a review Nursing Standard 6(11) 33-36
Ward, R 1992 Nurse Staffing Levels and Skill Mix in Accident and Emergency Departments Nursing Practice. 6(1) 18-23
Ward, R. 1992 Interactive Video: an analysis of its value to nurse education Nurse Education Today 12, 464-470
Ward, R 1993 Accident and Emergency as a clinical learning environment Accident and Emergency Nursing 1, 92-97
Ward, R 1993 The search for meanings in nursing: could Facet theory be a way forward? Journal of Advanced Nursing 18, 549-557
1993 Acted as nurse advisor for remake of video "Straightforward backcare for nurses." Made by the Teaching Media Department Southampton University hospitals.  
Ward, R 1994 Information technology and nursing Professional Update 2(8) 60
1994 - 2001 "Nursing & Health Care Resources on the Net" WWW Site closed in favour of NMAP
Ward, R 1995 "The teaching of Information Management and Technology to pre-registration student nurses". Unpublished MA Ed Thesis. South Bank University
Ward, R 1996 Child Development & Changing Health Beliefs and Behaviour (Software Reviews) CTI Nursing & Midwifery Newsletter 1(3) p7
Ward, R 1996 Nursing & Health Care Resources on the Net Health Informatics 2(2) p96-97
Ward, R 1996 The Anatomy of a Web Site

Paper & Poster Presentation

1st National Conference of the for Nursing & Midwifery
1996- 1997 Designed, built & maintained the Web Site University of the West of England - Faculty of Health and Social Care
Ward, R. 1997 The WWW - a major educational tool into the next century. Conference Proceedings: HC97 - Current Perspectives in Healthcare Computing. BJHC Ltd 105-113
Dowd, C. & 

Ward, R

1997 Using a web environment in Health Care Education Spotlight on Teaching Learning Conference. University of Sheffield - 29.5.97
Ward, R. 1997 Implications of computer networking and the Internet for nurse education. Nurse Education Today 17, p178-183
Ward, R. 1997 NHSnet: a cost-effective medium for continuing professional education. British Journal of Health Care Computing & Information Management 14(8) p30-33
Ward, R. 1998 Promoting your website Computers in Nursing 16(1) p25-26
Ward, R. 1998 Nursing Information on the Internet He@lth Information on the Internet 1(1) p10-11
Ward, R. 1998 So you want to make a web site? RCN In Group Newsletter March 98 p4-8
Ward, R. 1998 Competition, Standards and the Internet. I T I N 10(1) p17-18
Ward, R 1998 Evaluated Nursing Resources on the Internet Papers presented at the ASHLIB/LFN conference. Edinburgh University 17.4.98  
Ward, R. 1998 Telehealthcare - nursing communication & Information paper presented at RCN Congress Fringe meeting for management & informatics groups. Bournemouth 22.4.98  
1998 Health & Informatics Education Web Sites Impromptu demonstration given at Trent NHS IM&T study day - Review available  
Ward, R. 1998 Proposed National Email System for the NHS I T I N 10(2) p16-19
Ward, R. & Haines, M.  1998 Don't get left behind - get on-line Practice Nurse 16; 164-6
Ward, R. 25.9.98 Networked Nurse Education Presentation given at Wolverhampton Science Park for Wolverhampton University School of Nursing & Midwifery  
Ward, R. 1998 A report of a survey sent to local trusts & health authorities re: informatics needs of student nurses and midwives I T I N 10(3) p 16-20
Ward, R., Cooper, C. & Procter, P. 1998 A report of a series of study days "Demystifying the
Internet" for Nursing and Midwifery Teachers
Nursing Standard On-Line 18(13)

available from;
Nursing Standard
Ward, R. 1999 Nursing the Net OMNI Newsletter 25 Available at: OMNI
Ward, R. 1999 Nursing & Health Care Resources on the Net. ITIN 11(1) p 15-16
Haines, M & Ward, R. 1999 Practicing on the Internet Presentation workshop given at the National Practice Nurse Conference
1st July - Buxton
Ward, R. 1999 A Review of the SNAP Pack Health Informatics Journal 5(2) 112-113
Ward, R. 1999 Informatics Development in the School of Nursing & Midwifery, The University of Sheffield CTI Nursing & Midwifery newsletter 4(3) 4-5
Ward, R. 1999 Information and Web Technologies Presentation given at "Solving the Jigsaw" NSG Conference 23rd September, Northampton
Published in ITIN
12(2) 20-22
Ward, R. & Stephens, S. 2000 Nursing Colloquium and NeLH Libraries for Nursing 19 (3&4) p14-17
Ward, R 2000 What UK Nurses Midwives and health Visitors want from an internet service Paper presented at HC2000 Conference Harrogate UK. March 20-22 and NI2000 Congress, Auckland New Zealand 28 April - May 3
Ward, R. 2000 An analysis of web site usage Online Journal of Nursing Informatics OJNI
Ward, R. 2000 Internet Resources In: Williamson, J. (Ed) Books for Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors: A Core Collection
Tomlinsons: Wrotham
Foster, J. & Ward, R. 2000 Using the Internet for Learning & Teaching in Nursing Nursing Standard 14 (46) p 28
Cooper, C., Ward, R. & Murray, P. 2000 The British Computer Society Nursing Specialist Group Nursing Standard 14 (47)
Ward, R. 2000 Informatics in UK healthcare and nursing education Fitne Healthnet Vol: 13 No 1 Fall 2000
Available from;FTINE
Ward, R. 2000 Finding your way around the internet Nursing Standard Online
Ward, R 2000 Nurses Net Needs Health Informatics Journal Vol 6 No 4 p196-203
Ward, R. Feb 2001 Nursing Information on the Web In: Killey, R. (Ed) 'A guide to healthcare resources on the Web'.
Royal Society of Medicine Press
ISBN 1-85315-473-3
see: RSM Press
Ward, R. 2001 Internet skills for nurses Nursing Stadard CPD article 15, 21, 47-53
Also published as:
Internet Skills for Nurses, Learning Disability Practice Vol 3, Issues 6 p33-39
Ward, R 2001 The Health & Social Care Bill Nursing Standard 15, 22,
Ward, R. 2001 The NHS number as a national identity card Brit J. of Healthcare Computing & Information Management July 2001, Vol 18 (6) p14
Gray, L., Manning, P. & Ward, R. 2001 "OMNI - quality filtered access to the healthy Internet" (e-poster973) e-poster presentation at Medinfo 2001  
Ward, R. 2001 Instant Online reporting of conferences and events ITIN 13(4) 16-17
Wishart, J.M. & Ward, R. 2002 Individual Differences in Nurse and Teacher Training Students' Attitudes Toward and Use Of Information Technology Nurse Education Today p 231-240, Volume 22, Number 3
Ward, R. 2002 INTERNET FOR NURSING, MIDWIFERY AND HEALTH VISITING Online Tutorial for the RDN Virtual Training Suite Available at:
Gray, L., Rosen, N., Ward, R. & Scrivener, R. 2002 Breaking down barriers: a collaboration in developing an Internet gateway for nursing, midwifery and allied health Presentation at Health Libraries Group Conference July 2002 CILIP
Ward, R 2002 The development of NMAP - The UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in nursing, midwifery and allied health Presentation at: NET 2002, Durham 3-5 Sept 2002  
Ward, R. & Scrivener, R. 2002 The development of NMAP - The UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in nursing, midwifery and allied health. Health Informatics Journal September 2002, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 122-126(5)
Ward, R. 2002 NMAP - The UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in nursing, midwifery and allied health. Nurse2Nurse July
Ward, R. 2003 Gathering Usage Statistics and Performance Indicators: The NMAP Experience UKOLN - QA Focus Case Study UKOLN
Mackay, D., Ward, R. & Hall, J. 2003 News from BIOME Ariadne Issue 36 Ariadne
Ward, R. 2003 NMAP: the UK's nursing Internet gateway Vine 33(2) 78-82 see: Vine
Øyri, K. & Ward, R. 2004 The internet. Part one: what it is and how critical care nurses can use it Connect The journal of the European Fedeartion of Critical Care Nurses 2(4) 109-114
see: Connect
Øyri, K. & Ward, R. 2004 The internet. Part two: a resource for critical care nurses Connect The journal of the European Fedeartion of Critical Care Nurses 3(1) 3-11
see: Connect
Ward, R., Scrivener, R. & Smart, N. 2004 NMAP: The UK's Nursing Internet Gateway, Computers Informatics Nursing July/August 2004 Volume 22 Number 4 Pages 227 - 231
see: CIN
Murray P & Ward R 2004 Engaging in healthcare informatics - let's use the technology. BJHC&IM 21(10), p14 (December 2004 issue)
Murray P, Øyri K & Ward R 2005 Blogging health informatics - a reprise. BJHC&IM 2(8), p.12 (October 2005 issue)
Ward, R, Hayward, R, Bennett, J 2005 Report of meeting with Heather Tierney-Moore ITIN 17 (2) p3-5
Ward, R 2005 Conference report: Healthcare Computing 2005 CIN 23(3):115
Gilchrist, M, Ward, R 2006 Facilitating access to on-line learning (Chap 7) E-learning in Nursing, Glen, S. & Moule, P. (eds) Palgrave, London
Ward, R 2006 BIOME and the quality of web based health data WWW2006  
Oyri, K, O'Connor, A, Wright, G, Ward, R, Murray, P 2006 Champagne software on a beer budget-free/libre and open source software for nursing informatics NI2006  
Ward, R, Moule, P 2006 A Study of ICT Use and Developments in Supporting Pre-registration Students in Practice NI2006  
Ward, R. 2006 Online encyclopedia is in need of redrafting, Health Informatics Now 1(1) 24-25
Ward, R. 2006 A request for help to improve the coverage of the NHS and UK healthcare issues on Wikipedia, He@lth Information on the Internet 53 7-8
Ward, R. Pollard, K. Glogowska, M. Moule, P. 2006 Information Technology Attitude Scales for Health (ITASH),    
Ward, R. Murray, P. 2006 Colaborative blogs as a new model for vrtual conference participation: the HC2005 experience, ITIN 18(3) 3-10
Ward, R. Moule, P. 2007 Supporting pre-registration students in practice: a review of current ICT use, Nurse Education Today 27(1) 60-67
Ward, R. Pollard, K. Glogowska, M. Moule, P 2007 Developing Information Technology Attitude Scales for Health (ITASH) Medinfo2007  
Murray, P. Erdley, W. Maag, M. Øyri, K. Ward, R. 2007 Blogs, podcasts and Web 2.0 tools for developing social networks and collaborative professional knowledge development in health and nursing informatics conferences, VI International Congress on Health Informatics (Informatica en Salud 2007) , Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba,  
Ward, R. Stevens, C. Brentnall, P. Briddon, J. 2008 The attitudes of Healthcare staff to IT a comprehensive review of the research literature, Health Information and Libraries Journal 25(2) 81-97
Ward, R. 2008 The potential and challenges of Web 2.0 in the education of healthcare professionals. Medicine 2.0 , Toronto, Canada,  
Ward, R. Moule, P. Lockyer, L. 2008 Adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in education for health professionals in the UK Where are we and why 7th European Conference on e-Learning , Agia Napa, Cyprus  
Sales, R. Ward, R. 2008 EU packs” for adult nursing students lessons from online student surveys and staff focus groups, 2nd International Nurse Education Conference (NETNEP2008) , Dublin,  
Ward, R. 2008 Online social networking tools (Web 2.0) and their implications for Health and Social Care., Paper presented at the e-Health Seminar , Belfast, 1 December  
Ward, R, Sales, R 2009 Online multimedia delivery of the European Union directive within adult nursing education. Nurse Education Today  
Ward, R. Glogowska, M. Pollard, K. Moule, P 2009 Developing and testing attitude scales around IT Nurse Researcher17 (1). pp. 77-87. ISSN 1351-5578 In Press
Moule, P, Ward, R, Lockyer, L, Shepherd, K 2009 E-learning in health sciences and practice - Where are we?, Poster presented at the HEA Health Sciences and Practice, Festival of Learing , Walsall Campus of the University of Wolverhampton, 10-12 March  
Ward, R., Jupp, N. Sienko, K 2009 Using simulated electronic health records in education Workshop at the Learning to Manage Health Information conference. London 18 March  
Lockyer, Lesley and Moule, Pam and Ward, Rod 2009 Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies in Education for Health Professionals in the UK: Where are we and why? Electronic Journal of E-Learning . 7(2)  
Ward, Rod and Murphy, Peter J 2010 Lessons Learned In Developing A Knowledge Sharing Culture Across The NHS. In: HC2010, 27-29 April 2010, ICC Birmingham.  
Moule, Pam and Ward, Rod and Lockyer, Lesley 2010 Issues with e-learning in nursing and health education in the UK: Are new technologies being embraced in the teaching and learning environments? Journal of Research in Nursing . pp. 1-14. ISSN 1744-9871
Ward, Rod 2010 Why don’t innovation models help with informatics implementations? In: Medinfo 2010, 12 - 15 September, Cape Town, South Africa.  
Moule, Pam and Ward, Rod and Lockyer, Lesley 2010 Nursing and healthcare student's experiences and use of e-learning in higher education. Journal of Advanced Nursing, ISSN 0309-2402 66 (12). pp. 2785-2795.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2010.05453.x

Details of Software and Literature Reviews I have written are also available.

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