NI 2000

(The 7th International Congress of Nursing Informatics)

A personal review by Rod Ward

28 APRIL - 3 MAY, 2000

AOTEA Centre



Large chunks of this review - in an edited form - appeared in ITIN 12(2) & 12(3)


This is a personal review of NI2000, written during the week in available moments. It is not intended as an accurate record, minutes, proceedings, or anything else official, but is intened to help those who were unable to attend to something of the flavour of the papers and event in general. I hope to tidy up the presentation and add some photos at a later date.

The official conference Web Site is at: http://www.ni2000.co.nz/

Because of the volume of papers, I was unable to attend them all and my comments obviously only reflect those I was able to attend and general discussion.

Your host with a view of Auckland and it's harbour taken from Rangitoto Volcano.

Me & view of Auckland

Comments of others
Travel, Social Activities, Accomodation etc
General thoughts, Themes and Comments

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised please email: Rod.Ward@Sheffield.ac.uk
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