Zoë Ward

Hi I'm Zoë.

I was born at 16.10 on a Monday in June 2001 at Queens Medical Centre Nottingham

I love fashion designing and I also love animals and have two cats and two rats I want a hamster. I have a sewing machine.

I also love to dance I do a ballet class on mondays and a ballet, modern, tap and street/jazz dance at performanze.
I love arts and carfts I enjoy playing with fimo.

Picture Album

4-8 years
2-3 ish
3rd Birthday
6-24 months

Pictures 3 to 6 months
during the few minutes & hours following my birth

There are some more photos of me when I attended Narnia holiday club at St Philips Church (see Thursday)

{short description of image}
Trgigger looks so cute
{short description of image}
Me holding starfish in France
{short description of image}
Me at Christmas
{short description of image}
Sisterly love

More to follow soon, in the meantime you can mail me at zoe@rodspace.co.uk

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