ballI am a juggler. I can manage 3 & 4 balls with some interesting tricks and am working on 5. My 3 clubs is solid in singles, doubles and triples, with the usual chops, under the leg etc.

Me Fire JugglingI also enjoy fire juggling, and ASTRO BALLS for juggling at night.

This photo of my was taken, late one night, at the Bristol Festival of the Sea - 1996.

ballMy wife, Joss, is also my regular juggling partner. We can pass 6 with doubles, tomahawks and a few other tricks and are working on passing 7. Occasionally seen at School Fetes etc as Professor Fumble & Dr Drop-A-Lot

ballTarim was also getting us to pass in 3 count at Dab Hands (7-9 Tuesdays at Horfield Parish Church hall, Bristol.). I was sometimes to be seen at the Juggling Workshop on Monday Nights (7.30-10.30) at the Window Art Centre in Bath. My local juggling club at work is now; The Flying Teapots (Mondays 7-9, St. Andrews church hall, Sheffield.) and at home the Loughborough Juggling Club - Old Mission Hut, St. Peters Community Centre, Storer Rd. 7-9 Thursday evenings, although we are more likely to be seen at the Nottingham juggling club.

ballWe visit several U.K. juggling conventions & festivals each summer. In 1995 this included the British Convention (Norwich), Wessex (Frome), Glastonbury, Trowbridge Village Pump & Alton Towers. In 1996 we have attended Wessex (Frome) 5-7 July & Bristol Community Festival (Ashton Court) 13-14 July, MissalToad Convention (Bath) 7th & 8th December. We had a great time at the 1997 Annual British Juggling Convention at Nottingham, 10th-13th April, and at Glastonbury Festival despite the mud. In 1998 we have visited  York Juggling Festival (Chocfest),  the  11th British Juggling Convention 9-12 April  in Bristol,  Glastonbury Festival  June 26-28 1998 . In 1999 we've been to Chocfest (York), and  Glastonbury.

We haven't done so many conventions in recent years - 4 kids & work etc get in the way, but we do make it to Glastonbury & occasional BJCs

The Juggling Information Service used to be the most amazing place to start to find any juggling information you might think of, and a lot that you won't, but doesn't seem to be updated - I now recommend the Internet Juggling database. rec.juggling is also an amazing place to hang out.

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