Volcanoes in Timanfaya National Park & lunch at El Golfo

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Lanzarote was formed by volcanic eruptions, as were all of the Canaries, and had its last major eruptions in the Islote de Halario in 1730. A bus is provided to take you around the lava and crater area in the national park - you had to use this & I'm not sure I would have wanted to drive it anyway - with a commentary in several languages.

Some of the views were spectacular and "close ups" (inches from the coach window) of the lava were amazing. The trip ends at a restaurant near one of the craters where rocks just beneath the ground are hot enough to cause a bush to catch fire and water poured into holes erupts as steam a few seconds later !

Lunch is also prepared form the heat but the chicken looked as if it would have taken a long time before it was ready (& it was still early) so we left and explored the areas, some miles away, where the lava met the sea and ended having lunch in a beach front restaurant in El Golfo.

A demonstration of the hot rocks below the surface - they pour water in & it came back as steam. (Photo by Patrick) A Bus was the only was to tour the valley of tranquility, formed by volcanic ash from volcanoes in the Timanfaya National Park
Geyser Valley of Tranquility
Craters Burning a bush on the rocks (Picture by Patrick)
Craters Burning bush
El Golfo Beach at El Golfo
Natalie & Zoe Rebecca & Natalie at El Golfo

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