IT-EDUCTRA Awareness, training and education in informatics and telematics, for healthcare practitioners
CD review by Rod Ward

IT EDUCTRA is a project funded under the 'Fourth Framework Programme (FFP) of the European Commission, IT EDUCTRA is primarily funded under the 'Telematics (Healthcare sector)' sub-programme, but with an additional contribution under the sub-programme 'Telematics (Education and Training sector)'. Therefore telematics is not only recognised as a subject, but also as a key catalyst to innovative ways of education and training.

IT EDUCTRA aims to stimulate :

- enhancements to existing curricula
- innovative new curricula
- increased self-study
- wider awareness of, and motivation to use, flexible learning


Confidence was not inspired when at the first attempt at installation told me that a particular file it needed C:\Windows\system\ole2.reg was write protected. Once that was sorted it installed easily. It is necessary to install the "navigator", word viewer and powerpoint viewer, if versions of these programmes are not already installed on the machine.

The front screen offers a menu of options & directs new users to the help section, which sets out the context of the project and some of it's aims.

There is no phone number or email address for support on the packaging.


The first item on the menu "presentation" leads to a powerpoint presentation setting out some of the issues related to Informatics in healthcare and the needs for further education and development.

The second button "Worksets" seems to contain the meat of the programme. The project jargon of worksets and products takes a little getting used to.

There are 10 worksets;

screenshot of menu system

Each workset seems to contain an abstract and materials in html, word, powerpoint formats and sometimes with video. These are in a form which enables them to be easily downloaded to your hard disc. The video clips I looked at were in fact animated flow diagrams with a spoken commentary (The same diagrams appear on the Centre for Health Informatics: Improving Awareness of Information and Communications technology in Healthcare CD Rom) .

At some points in the CD I was asked which language (English, german, greek, Italian or Portuguese) I wanted the material in.

Some sections also contain direct links to sites on the Internet.

I look in some detail at the Workset 5 "The use of reference sources" which is a collection of the "products" listed below;

Some worksets also included material under the headings HC professional vies and step by step.

Each of the products can be accessed individually, they are written by a wide range of  individual authors, and stand as separate papers, but there is a fair amount of hypertext inter linking between related sections.

The user can see the history of which sections of the mass of material they have already visited.

Searching however is a bit limited & appears to be only possible from the list of keywords the creators have supplied. A search for nursing did not get any returns.

The glossary seems reasonably comprehensive.


I thought this was a well put together and comprehensive collection of materials related to health informatics, which take advantage of the information handling possibilities delivered on CD rom.

I think that this would be a useful addition to the resources of any school of Nursing or other healthcare disciplines teaching informatics at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Minimum System Requirements

486/33 processor
16Mb RAM
SVGA (640x480x256 colours)
Double speed CD-ROM drive
Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98 or NT

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