Taking Health Telematics into the 21st Century

a personal review by Rod Ward

This review appeared in Nursing Standard 15:17 Jan 10-17 2001

Title: Taking Health Telematics into the 21st Century

Editors: Michael Rigby, Ruth Roberts and Michael Thick

Publishers Radcliffe

No of Pages: 217

Price: £35 Hardback

ISBN: 1 85775 344 5

Health Telematics, which is defined in the book as "a composite covering health-related activities, services, and systems carried out over a distance by means of information and communications technologies", is becoming an increasingly important aspect of healthcare both in the UK and internationally. It encompasses both telemedicine and the wider field of telecare.

This book explores a wide range of examples of Telematics applications from the last few years, and examines likely future directions, pointing out why the health field holds both greater challenges and opportunities than other areas in relation to the use of Telematics. The examples are primarily from the UK and Europe and the authors of each paper are experts, not necessarily on the technology, but on human aspects of Telematics, and some of the professional issues raised.

The papers cover a wide range of recent examples and are related to the UK's Information for Health strategy and The New NHS: Modern, Dependable.

At £35 it will not be an essential purchase for every nurse, but provides a useful overview of current thinking and practice of the field, and would be suitable for those working in telecare fields or starting out on this sort of work. It would be a useful addition to any nursing or medical library.

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