"The Domino Effect :

Patients, Nurses and Computerised Data"

A personal review by Rod Ward - 05/10/98

CTI Centre for Nursing & Midwifery/University of Sheffield Educational Videos
VHS B83 1996 12 mins ISBN 1 901256 00 6  - No price given

This video  attempts to spell out the importance of entering correct data into a hospital information system, and the consequences of getting it wrong.

A patient care scenario is utilised to illustrate 2 very different outcomes from accurate and inaccurate data entry by a nurse of patient discharge information.

A general introduction is given which leads into the key theme of the video "The need for accuracy". There is a suitable emphasis, in this introduction on the need for information to support patient care, however later in the video the emphasis seems to change to information for budgets, research & management etc. This section does however have useful images of a nurse using a portable computer and this is compared with multiple sheets of paper and unwieldy hospital records systems. The emphasis on multidisciplinary working and sharing of information is good.

A nurse is seen initially recording information on paper, and making a mistake due to a distraction, this is then entered into a ward PC, the information is then passed along an information chain and results in unnecessary dispatch of an ambulance to transport a patient home. This is then used in a wider context related to ward management and trust budgets and a, slightly unrealistic, outcome of "emergency only ambulance cover" is the eventual result.

The second part of the video uses the same example with good data entry (however still initially recorded on paper - an example of duplication?) managing to improve ward budgets and ultimately enabling a new phase of hospital building to take place!

The age of the video (1996) being shown be references to patient based costings and GP contracts, and assertions such as "such electronic systems will be commonplace in hospitals by 2000 still needs to e borne out.

Generally the video is well scripted and produced and can provide a useful "discussion starter", however the teacher using it will need an awareness of the Health care information management issues surrounding it to be able to answer student questions.

The issues raised around the importance of accuracy in recording patient data for use by the multidisciplinary team are important, however a greater emphasis on clinical rather than managerial significance would enhance it’s direct relevance to student nurses.
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