Advanced Clinical Information System (ACIS)

CD Review by Rod Ward

This CD (which has been sponsored by Compaq) provides an 18 minute video illustrating advantages of clinical information systems by describing the system being put in place at Southmead Hospital Bristol.

With the CD in the drive a front screen menu is displayed giving access to information about Southmead, Compaq and EDS and links to a couple of relevant web sites (if browser & internet/NHSnet connection available) and buttons for the video in AVI or MPEG formats. This makes installation easy. Some specific hardware or software may be needed for the MPEG format version.

Screen grab

Both versions played on my machine, however the MPEG version appeared to have a larger window. Unfortunately during "talking head" shots the sound and video did not quite "synch", this may be due to the resources on my notebook computer.

The video places current developments in clinical information systems in context by reference to NHS strategy and developments.

A patients record is shown to illustrate problems with paper record systems within the hospital and multidisciplinary context. The system shown integrates legacy systems (e.g. PAS, pathology) and is intended to enable information transfer within the hospital trust and to the wider health care system.

The emphasis is on clinical use with examples from doctors & nurses, however the importance of support from senior staff is also illustrated.

Various examples are given of useful functions and applications; automatic inclusion in ACIS when PAS is updated, ward, OPD, surgery etc., ordering & results of pathology tests, electronic prescribing, wireless laptops for ward rounds and bedside use.

It is generally in non technical language but does briefly describe provision of hardware at the point of use and the "Compaq" servers in 2 rooms to increase "disaster tolerance" and "future proofing".

General points are made about the prevention of duplication, linking different departments and professionals, and improvements on handwriting and poor description common in paper records.

No obvious way of exiting the program was provided. (ALT+F4 works)

This is a useful contribution to the resource library available in relation to health informatics in general and the NHS strategy "Information for health" in particular. However there is little benefit in delivering it via CD as no interaction is possible and the user becomes a passive viewer, as they would be with a video, except perhaps for the links to other web sites.

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